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Corporate History

Gold Brands is dedicated to growing into South Africa’s leading franchising company – and we are making great inroads to achieving our goal.

We started out in 2012 with only one Chesanyama store at Wits University. Encouraged by the Chesanyama franchise’s amazing growth we launched 1+1 Pizza, followed by both Pitaland and Chicken Wild Wings in 2013, and Gold Brands Sauces in 2014.

During our bumper year of 2015, we acquired the legendary Blacksteer brand and celebrated Chesanyama’s RASA Rosetta Award for Best Take-Away – and its 294th store!

By the end of 2015 our little franchise business had grown to a total of 331 stores across our five brands.

2016 saw us list on the JSE AltX and achieving 320 stores in the same year, as we continue to grow and strive to become a well-known franchise company internationally.

Who are we?

We have a vision to become the leading franchise company, both within the South African as well as the International markets, by offering our customers unique and authentic brands with unbeatable value – backed by our cost-efficient and reliable supply chain and our simple, clever business models.

Our mission is:

  • To launch new, exciting and unique concepts, and expand our existing portfolio to include brands in international locations wherever we choose
  • To maintain our quest for innovation, consistently developing new and delicious products and recipes that will surprise and delight our customers
  • To provide affordability to our customers and profitability to our franchisees by sourcing local ingredients and products via our supply chain
  • Being committed to offering comprehensive support, training and development to our franchisees and their teams
  • To provide opportunities for personal wealth within the Global Brand family as franchise owners, staff or business partners
  • To honour our responsibility to the upliftment and support of our local communities
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