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Gold Brands’ Number One Franchise Turns Five

Gold Brands’ Number One Franchise turns Five

It was only five years ago when Gold Brands Investments launched the first Chesanyama franchise, only for it to rapidly grow into South Africa’s most loved casual food brand. Offering customers the taste of home, Chesanyama is known for its proudly traditional menu, bringing the beloved taste of braai to the mainstream market.

In celebration of the achievement of being the fastest growing franchise in South Africa, Chesanyama will be undergoing an exciting upgrade. Several new stores, showcasing the new Chesanyama branding, will be opening soon. Customers can look forward to being greeted by energetic and enthusiastic staff, directing them to stylish tables or booths. The kitchen will also be open and exposed for customers to see the wood burning grills. There is even an option of sitting at the countertop bar to get the up-close experience of the Chesa braai masters in action.

The franchise will be expanding into more parts of Africa, as well as expanding on the menu. Be on the lookout for the new stores and experience the new improved brand of Chesanyama for yourself.

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