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Classic French bistro cuisine, wine and coffee!

Launched in London back in 1989, Café Rouge today boasts with over 90 restaurants and serves six million meals each year.

A large part of the appeal of Café Rouge is its broad reaching menu, taking in French bistro classics, breakfast and lighter dishes for lunch. The menu is seasonal allowing the incorporation of fresh new dishes on top of the classic bistro dishes which are at the heart of the brand.

Interested in owning a Café Rouge franchise? Click here to get all the info you need.


Become a franchisee of a brand that offers:

  • Wide menu from lighter lunch dishes to more formal evening meals
  • Market leading breakfast and brunch offerings
  • Sites with sit at bars for eating and drinking
  • Dedicated team in the UK driving food, brand and design development
  • Bi-annual menu refreshes, ensuring seasonality in the offer
  • Authentic French look and feel to the bistros

Set up cost: R15 000 per square meter
Area required: +-250sq.m
Joining fee: R200 000
Royalties: 6% p.c.m.
Marketing: 4% p.c.m.

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