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Our Brands

Café Rouge

Classic French bistro cuisine, wine and coffee!

Launched in London back in 1989, Café Rouge today boasts with over 90 restaurants and serves six million meals each year.

1+1 Pizza

What can be better than a delicious, fresh, tasty pizza? Two delicious, fresh, tasty pizzas!

That’s what 1+1 Pizza is all about: buy one pizza and get one free – it’s every pizza-lover’s dream!


Northsea is a casual dining restaurant offering fresh grilled seafood products, with a fish-market style with value-driven pricing and modelled with traditional seafood boils.

Ed’s Shakes & Sundaes Diner

This franchise model is ideally located in shopping, strip and community malls and similar commercial zones. An Ed’s Shakes & Sundaes store covers more than 100 square metres and on average seats around 60 patrons at 20 tables.

Las Iguanas

Renowned for lovingly prepared, homely Latin food. Flavours are derived from a fusion of South American Indian ingredients with those that arrived from Africa and Europe over the centuries.

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